— O.M.


↑ Jeffrey Shaw: PLACE – a user’s manual | 1995 | Linz, Austria
(video credit: jeffreyshawcompendium.com )

“The user interface in this work is a modified video camera. By rotating this camera and using its Zoom and Play buttons, the viewer controls his forwards, backwards and rotational movements through the virtual scene, as well as the rotation of the platform and of the projected image around the circular screen. The projected scenery displays a computer environment with eleven cylinders showing panoramic landscape photographs shot in various locations, including Australia, Japan, La Palma, Bali, France and Germany.”

“These panoramic cylinders are positioned on ground marked with a diagram of the Hebraic ‘Tree of Life’. The placement of each panorama connects the visual identity of its scenery with the connotation of its symbolic location in this diagram. The viewfinder on the camera interface shows an aerial view of the diagram, which is centred dynamically on the viewer’s actual position in the landscape.”

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