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Chris Cornell – a legendary voice.


A voice of a century. The world has lost a rock and roll legend.

In the late 1980s, when the whole hair rock craze was rocking the world, a different kind of music was making it’s way through. The alternative scene was hungry for something that was true, real – something that wasn’t playing a pretentious game. There was an enormous scene brewing up in Seattle, that nobody knew about yet – folks wearing ripped jeans, flannel shirts, long hair and singing about real things. This scene was thriving so much, that even NME journalist had to fly in from the UK to see what’s happening.

One of the bands that generated substantial heat was Kurt Cobain’s band Nirvana, but before they came along, there was one more band – a defining chapter of the famous rise of Seattle grunge: Soundgarden. Their lead singer, Chris Cornell, had a charismatic voice – a tone that was never heard before, carrying indescribable passion and dark soul – something that could never ever be imitated. It comes with no surprise that this voice influenced a whole generation and was part of a movement that forever change the course of music history. It was raw, undefinable and something never heard before.
Myself, I am a 90s kid and never had a chance to experience all the havoc – that’s probably why I never had a close relationship to Soundgarden. But still – anyone that ever heard “Black Hole Sun” or “Hunger Strike” (see Cornell’s side project “Temple of a Dog”) must admit the gravity of the music. This was something absolutely unique and mesmerizing.
However, I was completely stunned when I first heard Chris’ solo work. In my MP3 player I had two albums, “Euphoria Morning” (released in 1999) and “Carry On” (2007) – these two albums truly showcased the incredible vocal talent Cornell possessed. They inevitably became part of my upbringing – “Steel Rain”, “Arms Around Your Love”, “Safe and Sound” and many other of his songs were instantly part of my daily playlist. I grew to love Cornell’s voice – mainly because I never heard anything so raw, strong and free of any boundaries. He sang as if nothing could tear him apart – except for himself.

Chris Cornell battled many demons, and quite possibly one was too many at times. It breaks my heart to see it come down like this. It breaks my heart to lose a legend of his stature.
It breaks my heart to lose this voice – possibly, there may never be anything more soulful than his voice.

I will miss you Chris. Goodbye.




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